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Freedom Fighters: Grant Family

Once time is lost, it can never be regained. That's what the Grant family found when Marine Reservist Mike Grant was sent to Iraq. Mike missed his baby daughter's first words, her first steps and her first birthday. Allthough Mike had made as many arrangements for his family's safety and comfort as he could before he left for Iraq, there was no way to anticipate the unexpected. 

Mike's wife Brandy had to have gall bladder surgery, daughter Taylor had to have dental surgery and his father-in-law had a serious heart attack while Mike was gone. It was a difficult time for the Grant family back in Lindale without their husband and father. To add to each day's challange was worry about Mike's safety. Mike Grant served seven months in Iraq. Brandy doesn't dwell on the hard times without him. Instead, she says she's "prouder than anyone can imagine."

Joan Hallmark, reporting.

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