Better East Texas: Protect yourself from online solicitation

Better East Texas: Protect yourself from online solicitation

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - I saw a report on the challenge everyone is facing that is online from aggressive solicitations.

These are those digital ads and even some emails that offer a product or service for free – for a period – that start billing you automatically after the free period. There are regularly some pitfalls with some offers.

First is the tactic of delaying a charge. These companies operate on the assumption that you will forget to cancel the subscription. Now, for many, the challenge of remembering that a charge for a subscription or service will kick in in 90 days is a daunting task. We just don't remember to cancel after the free intro expires and, thus, a lot of money flows out of unsuspecting consumer bank accounts.

This tactic is not new and numerous telemarketers have preyed on senior citizens for years. I remember my mother being just such a victim as she was talked into giving money through snail mail to seemingly good causes or political groups that had several hot-button words in their name – The Group to Save Social Security - for example.

Now some of these are legitimate and operate very cleanly within the law but they keep coming back for more and before you know it, you are giving them a load of money. In the digital world, this is everything from credit reports to beauty products to even groceries.

It is up to the consumer to look for pre-checked boxes, read the terms and conditions and even search for scams related to the offer. If it seems to-good-to-be-true, it probably is.

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