Better East Texas: Candidates dodging the issues

Better East Texas: Candidates dodging the issues

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The presidential candidates have displayed a few tried-and-true campaign techniques recently.

Hillary Clinton has largely been absent for the past week. Her campaign team says it was to prepare for the recent debate but it is obvious she has gone back undercover and wants to remove any chance of taking questions on the recent barrage of email releases by WikiLeaks that deal with her campaign and her time when she was Secretary of State. She is obviously avoiding any chance of being questioned on any email topic.

Additionally, it is hard to miss Donald Trump's repeated attacks on the national media stating outright that the media is in a coordinated effort to prevent him from being elected president. And even if he makes it that far, he makes the point, again repeatedly, that the election process is rigged.

As much hate as he has for a few media outlets, his wife Melania went to one of the most liberal outlets, CNN, to give her interview on Trump's sound bite challenge. I guess the media is not all that bad. Trump also blasted Saturday Night Live recently – a show he appeared on in person several times - saying it should be cancelled.

So, the media is used and misused by both candidates and it is largely based on if tapping the media is convenient at the time. So, gone are the days of discussing the differences between the platforms of the Democrats and Republicans and introduced are the days of bobbing and weaving to Election Day.

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