Eying the Playoffs: Pine Tree takes first win against Hallsville in 15 years

Eying the Playoffs: Pine Tree takes first win against Hallsville in 15 years

"All I was thinking in my head, after I broke away from the line, was don't get tackled. Then I kept hearing people say there is someone behind you. So I just automatically started kicking my legs up to just avoid that leg tackle, and I just went," Maliq Owens, Pirates running back.

Walking away with a 22-17 win over a Hallsville team that was previously undefeated in district play, the Pirates stole a treasure that has alluded them for 15 years.

More impressive, they did it with first year starting quarterback Keshon Williams, who is only 15 years old.

"I pretty much told myself I was going to try my best for the seniors that have been on this team, that work hard everyday. I know they deserved it. We accomplished it, and now I feel like we can go do whatever we want to do now that we know what we're capable of doing," said Keshon Williams, Pirates Quarterback.

"They just kept playing, they just kept being relentless, and they just kept sticking to the plan and doing their job. They didn't let the mistakes get to them. So I knew in the 3rd quarter whenever Hallsville scored and we responded, I knew that we were going to be fine. Regardless of whatever happened with the game, I knew we we're going to be fine for the future because the kids just responded," said Kerry Lane, Head Coach of the Pirates.

Pine Tree may have had a rough start, going 0-4 in non-district, but today the Pirates are sitting at 2-2 in league play. A record that has them window shopping for their first playoff spot since 2001.

"We had a little struggle, we weren't winning much, we were getting beat pretty badly. But once we all decided to come together and become one, we realized that this is all we got. Then we started doing what we do best and that's play football," said Owens.

"That's what I've been preaching to these kids all along. There is no magic drink you drink, or magic play you run. You just bust your butt everyday and do the little things right, and winning takes care of yourself," said Coach Lane.

Currently in the bye week, when the Pirates do take the field again they aren't going down without a fight.

Because, in the words of Mark Twain - "Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates."

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