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Longview Bad Restaurant Report

Five Longview area restaurants were singled out for the most serious violations in the latest round of inspections by the Longview health department, including "Applewoods" at 3119 Estes parkway. 8 violations were found in an April 26th inspection, including evidence of insect contamination , hot and cold foods held at dangerous temperatures, and unprotected food. They scored a C.

10 violations were found in a may 4th inspection of "Popeyes Fried Chicken" at 217 East Marshall avenue. Hot and cold foods were at unsafe temperatures, there were hygienic violations among employees, and uncleaned food contact surfaces. They scored a C.

"Tony Romas" at 3495 Mccann road had 7 violations in an April 1st inspection. They received a citation for several racks of moldy bread, and mold on whole pineapple and jars of pickle relish. They scored a C, and after re-inspection May 2nd scored an A.

An April 13th inspection produced 9 violations at the full service restaurant inside "Thriftee Food Store" at 100 west Harrison road. Cross contamination of raw and cooked foods was found, and cold foods were at unsafe temperatures, they scored a C.

And "Tex-Mex" restaurant at 2009 south Mobberly had 7 violations in an April 15th inspection, including improper food handling, and improper hand wash facilities. They scored a B. All reports are provided by the Longview Environmental Health Department. 

Bob Hallmark reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com

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