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Proud Of East Texas: Rick Garrett

Rick Garrett has always had a love for the steel guitar, although for most of his life he wasn't sure why. Son of a mother who married often and moved even more frequently, Rick had a succession of stepfathers, none of whom he felt close to.

There was one family friend that Rick often wished was his father, the great Hall of Fame steel guitarist Bobby Garrett. It was after Bobby Garrett's death that Rick found that his wish had been true all along.

Rick Garrett has written about his search for his heritage in his book "Momma's Secret". He says writing the book was a "journey in forgiveness." After DNA tests proved Bobby Garrett was his father, Rick legally changed his last name to Garrett.

Rick's home is filled with reminder's of Bobby Garrett's career with the greats of country music. Rick is not only grateful to at last know who his father is, but to be able to pass this heritage on to his children.

"Momma's Secret" is available at Barnes & Noble and Hastings book stores.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.


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