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What Diets Work?

Want to try a diet that really works? They skip the low carb fads and head straight to Weight Watchers.

According to Consumer Reports, Weight Watchers is a healthy diet plan that can give you results. Consumer Reports based their decision on pounds lost, nutrition, how easy the diet was to follow and dropout rates after six months.

Consumer Reports felt Weight Watchers meetings were a major reason for its success.

"When they are attending the meetings they get support from other people and they don't have to do it on their own," says Dietician Mandy Jefferson.

Slim Fast was chosen as the best weight loss method for quick results. Adkins was found to be the least healthy and beneficial for you.

Four other programs, Internet-based e diets, Jenny Craig, South Beach and Volumetrics were included in the review, but not ranked because not enough independent clinical studies had been done on them to allow comparison.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting. mmortenson@kltv.com


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