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Military spouses train like a soldier

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FORT SILL, OK (KSWO) - On Fort Sill Tuesday, members of the Patriot Spouses' Club got to be a soldier for a day, and get a taste of what they learn on Fort Sill for basic training. At Treadwell Towers, the group of military spouses got to rappel like a soldier.

It was some of the members' most exciting part of the day.

"The Treadwell Towers probably the most because it was really high, and I never rappelled in my life,” said Noelani Roman, Patriot Spouses’ Club member. “But it's a tie because the machine guns were pretty awesome, too. Never shot a big gun like that before."

Roman jumped at the chance to shoot the machine guns for a second time.

She says experiencing this training for the first time reminds her of her husband, who is overseas now, and had his training on Fort Sill.

"This is where I wrote to him, too,” said Roman. “So his letters came here, everything came here. So it feels like we are together, sort of."

She says she thought of her husband and the soldiers serving while practicing throwing grenades, and learning first aid in combat situations.

"But it also makes me feel like so safe,” said Roman. “Like now learning what they have to go through. I'm like okay they are ready to protect us. They go through all this stuff."

Jamie Michaud, who has been out to train like a soldier last year, says she was out on the Treadwell Tower giving the spouses tips on how to make it down.

"The first step down on to the tower, the ledge is four feet down, and four feet doesn't seem like it's that far until you're swinging yourself off the side of a tower trying to get your toes on a ledge," said Michaud.

Even though this training is fun for the group, Michaud says she was surprised that the soldier's safety was the center of all the lessons.

"You know there is a lot of things when they are teaching how to do things like the hand grenades,” said Michaud. “Like I said we want to stand there and watch it, but it's really important that they learn to duck back down so that they keep themselves safe."

This training with the Patriot Spouses' Club happens every year, and next year's training is already in the works.

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