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5/11/05-Smith County

Litter Abatement Officer Says Changes At Work

A new start for the litter abatement officer of Smith County.  Danny Brasher is back at work in a new precinct.

He was transfered to Constable Dennis Taylor's office two months ago, but the day he was re-assigned, Brasher was sent to the hospital with heart problems.

Now, Brasher, with a new positive outlook, says the program is more cost efficient. In his former precinct, Brasher had complained about not even having enough gas money.

"I would get complaints and I would drive all over the county," he said. "And it was really getting expensive, as far as gas goes, because there was really no set pattern. I would get a complaint and go there. And then the very next day, I might get another complaint and have to go back to the same area."

Brasher says under his new precinct, he will handle the illegal dumping one area at a time. He says that will cut down on his travel time and gas expenses.

Julie Tam, reporting.


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