Better East Texas: Keeping dollars local helps ETX economy

Better East Texas: Keeping dollars local helps ETX economy

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Many areas of East Texas continue to grow in spite of a slowing energy sector economy.

The fact that the economy continues to grow is attributed to a solid job of attracting new businesses to East Texas. This, in turn, creates new jobs and ultimately diversifies the economy. But we don't have to leave economic growth to the professional business recruiters or the chambers of commerce.

All East Texans can contribute to keeping our economy strong. We can do it by making purchases right here in East Texas. When you keep you purchasing dollars local, you are supporting tens of thousands of construction workers, more than 20,000 healthcare workers and tens of thousands in the food service industry.

The locally owned and locally controlled businesses give back to our community by participating in fundraising events, employing our family members, friends and neighbors and ultimately keep the local economy running. Additionally, business owners have come to appreciate what our area of the state offers – great environment, skilled workers and an overall friendly place to do business.

So, as you prepare for the holidays and all the special purchases that we all make, consider making a deliberate effort to buy local whenever possible. Every dollar makes a difference and no matter who is in Washington or the state house, when you buy local you make a statement that the character of our community matters.

It truly makes a difference and makes for a Better East Texas.

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