Better East Texas: Where are Donald Trump's taxes?

Better East Texas: Where are Donald Trump's taxes?

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Donald Trump is on the defensive on his history of paying taxes.

Several returns have been leaked and a headline has emerged that he may not have paid anything in federal taxes in almost two decades. His opponents are jumping all over the idea of a presidential candidate not paying taxes while his supporters note that he was just being a good businessman, taking advantage of existing laws and working them to his favor.

There appears to be nothing illegal in the tax strategy but it is still not sitting well with many. Additionally, Trump's refusal to release his more current returns fuels speculation that there is something he is hiding.

He has pledged to release them when a routine audit is completed but even the IRS has come out and said there is nothing in their rules that is preventing Trump from the release. So the criticism and even suspicion will continue to circle.

Trump would make you think that it was his brilliance that led to any tax strategies but it was probably more tax specialists that would do that. So, Trump needs to go ahead and rip the Band-Aid off and release the tax statements. I believe many Americans can accept smart tax strategy to reduce or eliminate taxes, but refusing to follow the tradition of releasing returns is wearing thin.

He must turn the spotlight to debating the issues with Hillary Clinton which seems to have taken a back seat to personal attacks on both sides. Surely, surely, this campaign will take a turn for the better as the leadership of the free world is at stake.

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