Gift of Love: Delaine, Harley and Dallas

Gift of Love: Delaine, Harley and Dallas

(KLTV) - It's all fun and games at Chuck E. Cheese for Delaine, Harley and Dallas. These three kids love hanging out with each other and having a good time.

12-year-old Delaine is very bright and intelligent. She is a natural born leader and does well academically. Delaine also enjoys her electives.
"Theater Arts and Band," Delaine said.

Delaine wants to play the flute and would love to be on a basketball team. At home, Delaine likes to help and do chores such as folding laundry. She also likes to spend time with her brother and sister.
"Play with my sister. Play My Little Pet Shops," Delaine said.

When it comes to her three wishes, Delaine only has one, "to stay with my brother and sister and for me to stay a kid as long as I can," Delaine said.
Younger sister Harley is the more soft spoken of the group. This 10-year-old is very smart and easy going. She likes attention and loves to be loved. And like most kids her age, she loves to eat ice cream.
"Mint chocolate chip," Harley said.

Which is why her only wish is involves her favorite sweet!

"To have all the ice cream!" Harley exclaimed with a twinkle in her eye.

This movie buff loves singing and arts and crafts. When Harley grows up, she wants to be an art teacher. She works hard she does struggle with Dyslexia. Also, Harley has some hearing loss in her right ear and was fitted for a hearing aid.   
Little brother Dallas is in 2nd grade. This 7 year old enjoys playing with his Legos playing video games and being active outside. He hopes to have a family that likes to get up and go.

"I want to go places. Is there anywhere you want to go in particular?  McDonald's," Dallas said.

He also would like to go to Sonic but that's not all.

"To the lake and to the ice cream place," Dallas said.

All three are praying for a family that will take them all so they can be together forever.

"Because I love them and I have been taking care of them since they are little babies and it means a lot to me," Delaine says.
But most importantly, Delaine, Harley and Dallas need a family that will show them the Gift of Love.

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