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Experts: Treat Summer Jobs For Teens Like Career

"If you want a job, you have to go out and get it. Let them know you want the j

Jimika Davis knows finding a job is no walk through the park. Like millions of students looking to supplement their summer income, she asks her friends what they've seen on the job.

"I ask them what they like about it, what they don't like about

And that's step one, experts say. Make a decision on that target job.

"Looking for a job is a full time job," says East Texas Workforce Center's Prentice Butler. He adds many young folks don't often know what they wa

"You don't want to find a job for the sake of finding a job. You want to get one that's beneficial to you all the way arou

Then, experts suggest teens make a professional-looking resume, and start networking. Ask friends, neighbors, relatives if they have contacts. Then they'll have the information to hit the streets.

"Of course you have to be articulate, things like that. Don't talk to them like you have no knowledge. Speak to them well," Ji

Once you speak to managers and give them your resume, you've got to be persistent.

"If they don't give you answers then, I'll call back maybe a day or two later and ask them or go up there and ask them. Things like that -- kind of bug them,"

With the right attitude, you might find, as Jimika has, employers wanting to keep you around.

"They may offer you another job, or even a raise to make you st

The East Texas Workforce Center is holding a Youth Job Expo on Thursday in Longview. It will be held from 2:30pm to 6:00pm at the National Guard Armory at Teague Park.

Morgan Palmer, reporting.

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