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5/10/05-Gregg County

Streets Of Speed-Construction Zone

45 miles per hour is the temporary speed limit along a road in Gregg County where construction crews are widening the road. But are drivers obeying the signs there? W took the KLTV 7 Speed Zapper to FM 349 off Highway 149 beside the East Texas Regional Airport to find out.

Construction workers along this stretch of road say more often than not, drivers are speeding. Our Speed Zapper suggests, they're right.

We clocked one red car going 61 miles per hour. Another gold truck was nearly ten miles over the limit at 54 mph. We even clocked a log truck going 51 miles per hour.

Corey Taylor with TX DOT says speeders are a constant problem at this and every other construction job. 'There's a bunch of construction traffic and other things that are different in the environment so people tend to start looking around and seeing other things, not paying attention to the roadway," says Taylor.

One black truck was going 51 mph and had to quickly slow down so the driver wouldn't run into the back of the car in front of it that was going the speed limit.

"I think they're more interested in needing to get somewhere as quickly as possible and not concerned about possibly injuring somebody on the roadway or having an accident," says Taylor.

The average speed in this 45 mile per hour zone today was 51 mph.

Amy Tatum, reporting.

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