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"Does It Work?"-1/16/07

Nathan's Reversible Stovetop Grill & Griddle: " Does It Work?"

Never let the weather spoil your grilling plans again. Indoor grilling is possible with this week's "Does It Work?" product. Made by a man made famous for his Coney Island hot dogs, this "as seen on TV" item is supposed to be great for preparing just about any meat you'd ever want to cook on the grill, or any breakfast food made on a griddle. But, "Does It Work?"

Straight from Coney Island, NY, it's a griddle. It's a grill. It's Nathan's Famous Reversible Stovetop Grill And Griddle. The Grill fits over your stovetop burners, two of them to be exact.

It's compatible with every kind of stove except glass top models.

The instructions stress, this thing works best with low or medium heat. Also, it has a non-stick coating, but for making pancakes, which is what we'll do first, we'll follow the recommendations and use a little cooking spray.

The first thing we notice is the size of this thing. It fits perfectly over two burners, but unlike a pan at home, I could fit about six flapjacks on here if I wanted to. Instead we go for the mixed grill, cooking the two pancakes, an egg, and ten sausage links. All of it cooked up well. In the end we had made two eggs, six pancakes and 10 pieces of sausage.

Our focus turned to lunch next. We flipped the griddle over to the grill side and cooked 4 hamburgers and a T-bone steak. You might think the heat would be concentrated right where the burners are, we didn't notice that happening at all. The special aluminum construction is supposed to spread the heat evenly across the grill. Looks like it worked.

We also liked the little reservoirs on the corners of the grill to collect grease runoff. The steak and the burgers all turned out great! We didn't get that smoky, grilled in the backyard taste, but it was better than pan fried.

And cleanup was a breeze. It was much easier than a George Foreman Grill, because you can submerge the whole thing in water.

"Does It Work?" We give it a "Yes." We got the grill at Target for $14.99. They're available online too.

Joe Terrell, reporting.


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