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5/9/05-Smith County

City Of Tyler Acts On County Garbage Pile

For months now, we've told you of the Trashing of East Texas -- folks dumping trash and even large appliances in fields and along roads. But a pile of junk is on county property, right next to Smith County Constable Frank Creath's office.

And Creath didn't know what to do about it, until now.

His office is along Highway 155 in Noonday, that's south of Tyler.

"There's all kinds of trash imaginable out here. People look like they cleaned out their barns. They had trash dumps behind their houses," Creath says.

And all this stuff has been too much to haul away after the county's designated clean-up day.

"Because Channel 7 has this trashing of East Texas program on, it brought the trash -- the litter problem -- to the forefront."

And everyone wanted to get rid of their junk, legally.

"Normally, we have one or two dumpsters out here, and this time we had about 15 or 20, so we were totally overwhelmed by the trash out here," he says.

Creath didn't have the extra money in his budget to haul it all away, and it's been an eyesore. Even though it's out of town, Tyler's mayor say the city will now take action.

"We had some trucks and with the help of the good people at Olympic Waste, and the crews at the City of Tyler, we thought we could help," Mayor Joey Seeber says.

The trash some had started complaining about will be gone by the end of the week.

"It is very important that we keep not only the City of Tyler clean, but the county clean," Seeber says.

"Certainly you can't burn this type of rubbish, so instead of haul it to the dump, some people would just discard it on the side of the road," Creath says.

That's just what they don't want to happen. So the clean-up days will continue in Smith County, despite how tall the trash tower gets.

As you might recall, the county's litter abatement program was recently moved out of Constable Creath's office to Constable Dennis Taylor in Lindale.

After county commissioners made that move, it was unclear whether Creath could still legally use litter control grant funds for the clean-up. The City of Tyler's move ends that debate for now.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.


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