Travel trailer hits Longview bridge

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - An infamous East Texas railroad bridge underpass, nicknamed the 'can opener', has claimed another victim but this one did not bother to stop
after hitting it.

The Green street bridge in Longview with its' 11-foot clearance, has been crashed into many times.

In the latest incident, security video shows a huge travel bus towing a Hummer, hitting the underside of the bridge tearing off a roof air conditioning
unit, and then driving away.

"I don't really know what it would take to fix it. The video shows what happened, there's no lying when they hit you can feel the building shake
and see the camera move," says Maness furniture owner Keith Robinson.

Maness furniture owns the security cameras, and Robinson after seeing the video, questions why the driver didn't stop.

"I've met a lot of these people. There were some idiots. A lot of them are educated and good drivers, so i don't understand how they can keep doing
this," he says.

Over the years the clearly marked underpass has claimed dozens of victims.

A third camera angle shows the driver turning off of Cotton street, which makes Robinson think the driver may not have known the area.

"They sometimes get lost for whatever reason, and they simply don't see the warning signs," Robinson says.

Police say if there is no damage to the bridge, no crime has been committed by leaving.

The driver, who has not come forward or been identified, faces no charges.

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