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Man Charged In Longview Police Chase

Police say a Jacksonville man led them on a wild 3-county car chase, hauling a horse-trailer knowing that, if caught, he was going to jail on a parole violation. Troopers say a routine traffic stop near Hawkins on highway 80 started a wild and dangerous chase that ended in Longview. The officer who first made the stop, immediately knew something was wrong.

"I really felt like something was not right, he was showing a lot of signs of nervousness i really felt he was being deceptive at that point, he just was doing whatever it took for him not to go back to jail" said state trooper Joseph Hogue who made the original stop.

Knowing he had a warrant for his arrest 34 year old "Leslie Poteet" bolted from trooper Hogue and started the chase. Soon a small army of police cars chased poteet on highway 80 into Longview. He dodged two spikes in attempts to puncture his tires then going 70 miles an hour he turned onto Fourth street, then on Loop 281. At Judson road, officers tried shooting out his tires.

"We had to make an evaluation to do whatever was necessary to terminate this pursuit at this point" Hogue says.

Seconds later at Bramlette road, he wrecks out. He tries to run but officers catch him as he entered a residential area. Poteet then punched one of them who tried to subdue him. Poteet is being held on 200-thousand dollars bond.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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