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Police Chase Spans Three Counties

It began just before 7 o'clock tonight. A Wood County officer told dispatchers he was chasing a suspect driving a cattle trailer.

The chase began just west of Hawkins then over through Upshur County on Highway 80 to Gladewater, White Oak and finally Longview. That's where our cameras caught up with the chase on Highway 80.

By this time, the suspect has already dodged two spikes, attempts at puncturing his tires and stopping him. Then, going 70 miles an hour, the suspect turned onto Fourth street, then turns west on Loop 281.

When he got back to Judson road, officers tried a third time to stop him by shooting out his tires. Then, seconds later as he reaches Bramlette road, the suspect wrecks out. He tries to make a run for it on foot but officers captured him.

The man is identified as 34 year old Leslie Brent Poteet of Jacksonville. Officers say he actually punched one of them who tried to subdue him. Poteet's wild run had officers desperate to stop him as he reached Longview.

Poteet will be charged with reckless endangerment in Gregg County and faces other charges from Upshur and Wood Counties. He will also be charged with parole violation on a previous charge of cattle rustling. That parole violation is the reason officers say Poteet ran from them in the first place.

Bob Hallmark, reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com

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