The Drone Era: Tyler Lee gets some help from above to improve athletes

The Drone Era: Tyler Lee gets some help from above to improve athletes

The drone is the latest and greatest in filming technology that has taken over football fields across the county.

"There are so many things from a technological standpoint that have come into athletics, but football especially with the use of the drones. It's become the norm and I think before long you'll see everyone around using this to enhance there program," said Clayton George, Tyler Lee Red Raiders head coach.

As cutting edge as this piece of equipment may be, it can't fly itself. So in steps senior, Jason Hoil. He isn't the only Red Raider shooter, but he is the one with the highest angle.

"They definitely know a lot more then I do. I don't know anything about how to run it, or whatever. So we put those guys in charge," said Coach George.

"I try to get it to where it's like someone is standing behind them and watching it. Not too far behind, but sometimes when the play is far out like the left hash then I have to go out a little higher," said Jason Hoil, drone expert for Tyler Lee football.

One drone can cost you a pretty penny, but according to Coach George it's well worth the cost. You can't put a price on a tool that helps close the gap of knowledge between player and teacher.

"It's give us all kinds of angles that we couldn't really get from setting it on the tower, so it's pretty fun to use," said Chance Amie, Red Raider quarterback.

"It enhances the learning for the player. It helps the coach to use a different angle, a different view. It's definitely a benefit to the player to see himself. To see the angles and levels of the defense or the offensive player," said Coach George.

A drone flying above practice may sound silly to you, but with how competitive football is in the state of Texas it can never hurt to get some help from above.

"The better we can prepare, the better we can practice, the better we will play Friday," said Coach George.

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