District of Doom Who? Gladewater stays solid through packed non district slate

District of Doom Who? Gladewater stays solid through packed non district slate

It's been a great start for Gladewater, who packed their non district schedule with 4 teams from the District of Doom; including Carthage, Kilgore, Center, and Chapel Hill.

While we can't know for sure how things would have ended with Carthage, thanks to mother nature. We do know how things ended every other week, with the Bears on top.

"We got some pretty good wins under us against some really good teams. I feel like that boost your confidence up as well as just knowing that you are a competitive team now." said Austin Hawley, Bears defensive back and wide receiver.

"We just carried on that momentum from last year. We got better with some explosive players on offense so were just going with the plan," said Darnell McKnight, Bears running back.

The "plan" has lead the Bears to three victories where they outscored elite competition 115-42, earning them the nickname as the "District of Doom Killers." But as Gladewater Head Coach John Berry will remind you, with teams like Gilmer and Pittsburg waiting in league play, the Bears needed to be battle tested.

"Preparing to play at that high level, which is the top of the state of Texas, was important to us. And we weren't going to wait till October to do it. So regardless of outcomes we wanted the process to be in place to make us become the best that we can be," said John Berry, Bears head coach.

"We have the same guys we have now. It's just now we learned how to put the work in and we learned how to win as a team. For us we got to get a lot of stops, cause you know our offense will get the ball moving and take up a lot of time. So we are trying to make sure we get stops when we can so it's not a back and forth score," said Hawley. "Win, lose, or draw we want to come out better than when we started."

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