Proud of East Texas: Dick Lawrence

Proud of East Texas: Dick Lawrence

LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - Dick Lawrence has carved hundreds of objects since he became fascinated with carving at a Tyler woodcarving show.

"We were walking through and I said to my wife I think I could do that so she bought me a knife and a glove and a gouge and I started carving," says Lawrence.

Over the years, Lawrence's carvings have become more skilled and intricate.

"I just went all the way around it with different types of faces," says Lawrence.

The Lawrence home in Lindale is filled with finished pieces, ranging from elaborate walking sticks to an array of animals and birds, as well as his wife's extensive Santa collection.

While wood can be used for carving, there are woods easier than cedar to work with.

"Carving basswood is your easiest to carve and I have some butternut which is another easy carving wood," says Lawrence.

Lawrence doesn't usually count the hours he spends on individual pieces, but he does admit some pieces take weeks, even months to complete.

Animals and birds are favorite subjects, although they're among the harder pieces to carve.

"It's enjoyable to have something come out of a pile of wood that you didn't think you could do," says Lawrence.

Lawrence sells some of his work at art shows, give away some of his carvings, and like favorite children keeps others around.

Lawrence's first carving, a prized cougar, horse head, buffalo and  pegasus are the five favorite carvings that he can't bear to part with.

So , surrounded by his carvings, Dick Lawrence continues to turn common blocks of wood into cherished works of art.

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