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Proud of East Texas: Artist Cousins

Does creativity run in families?  Is talent passed on in the genes? Well, in the case of one Golden family, the answer is a definite "yes."

Cousins Cathy Pegues and Karen Musgraves have a long family history of painters, quilters, potters and writers, so it's no surprise that they're making their mark in the art world, too. What is surprising is that this creative twosome is doing it in a town known more for its sweet potatoes than for the arts.

Although both Karen and Cathy grew up in th Metroplex, their family ties to Golden date back five generations. Childhood memories of holidays at their grandparents and family roots drew them back. Their art gallery and studio, named Belben Nest after a book written by their grandfather, is located in a historic Golden building dating back to 1913. Rennovating the building has been a family affair with husbands and parents lending a hand.

There's a wide variety of subject matter in the cousin's paintings ranging from "refined to rustic." Horses are a recurring theme in Cathy's work while boots have become a trademark for Karen. But whether it's boots, horses, birds, or flowers, these artist cousins just love to create in their unique art gallery and studio in Golden, Texas.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.


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