Freedom Fighters: Carl Seiber

Freedom Fighters: Carl Seiber

Carl Seiber was 17 when he and five of his high school buddies decided to join the merchant marines in 1944. Seiber was the only one of the group to pass the physical, although the others were drafted later. Seiber spent only ten months as a seaman, but when he enlisted in the army in 1947, it was the beginning of a 27 and a half year career.

World War Two was ending as Seiber began his military career, but fighting in Korea was just heating up.

As a platoon sargeant in Korea, Seiber led his men into battle. Although fighting was constant, the Battle of Hill 355 was the most memorable. And deadly.

American troops were vastly outnumbered as Chinese soldiers joined the north Koreans in battle.

American planes soon came into the fight and helped the army secure the hill.

The Battle of Hill 355 was costly, with only nineteen american soldiers left out of a platoon of 44, Seiber was among those wounded in battle.

After two tours of duty in Korea and time as an instructor at Fort Ord, seiber was sent to Germany during the cold war
in 1968, he served in Vietnam as an advisor.

Carl Seiber retired from the army in 1973 as a Lieutenant Colonel.

At the age of 89, he looks back over his service with pride.

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