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Boston Marathon Winner Running For Life

He sets a pace most people can't keep. At 72, Harold Wilson is a Boston Marathon winner in his age group, but his journey actually started 18 years ago, when a doctor told him he was overweight and in serious health.

"I had fifty percent blockage," Harold explains, "in one artery. He told me to run, and get off of fried food and sweets."

"Sweets were hard to get off though," he says, laughing.

Harold started running for exercise, and found it tough at first.

"When I first started, I could run a half a mile and I was out of breath. I worked up to run my first 5k, and then 10k."

"Now, I've got lots of races, and I've got lots of t-shirts and trophies."

Harold has gone from 195 pounds to less than 150. He runs five days a week, and competes whenever he gets the chance. He credits his hobby with keeping him alive and healthy.

"It's a great tension relief," he says, "the last time I had my heart checked, my blockage hadn't increased, so I know I've accomplished something there."

Harold continues running for his life, and piling up the awards along the way.

Reid Kerr ( reporting.

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