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Mother's Day Tribute

As part of our Mother's Day Tribute, we received lots of letters from teenage moms wanting to thank their moms for the help and support they've received through difficult and trying times. One of those letters was from 18 year old Roxanne Weese. She says, "My mother has been there for me through everything! She has been by my side when I got pregnant, had the baby, graduated, got married and I am about to have another baby in about 4 weeks."

Then we received an e-mail from Holly Mutterback. She was the only person to write about her daughter for our Mothers Day Tribute. She wrote, "This Mother's Day I would like to recognize Shannon, who is only 16 years old, by telling her that I am proud of her for doing a good job as a mother."

Holly insists she's not condoning teenage pregnancy. She also wasn't always so proud of her daughter. "I was angry at first. I cried. After that, Ambria is brought into this world for a reason, and she's kind of completed our life."

Ambria is now 17 months old, walking and talking. Her mother Shannon says the entire family has developed a routine. "I still go to school. She goes to daycare. My mom picks her up. We come home and play."

But, Shannon has learned mothering isn't always about playing. "You really don't want her to be sick, because when she's sick, you can't go to school. You've got to stay home, miss out on work, and all that stuff. Take care of her."

Sister Casey likes being an aunt, but says she's learned from Shannon's mistakes and won't become a teenage mother herself. Holly never wanted her daughter to become a mother so young, but, says Shannon has stepped up to her responsibilities. "She keeps her clean, she gets her dressed. She gets her ready to school in the morning, gets her lunch ready, and you know, I think she does a really good job for a teenage mom."

Still a toddler, Ambria is too young to know how young her mother is. She just knows she has a mother, grandmother, and aunt who all love her very much. Shannon's biggest wish for Ambria, "That she doesn't become like me. Goes to college, school."

The mothers we've profiled may not be the very best moms in all of East Texas. But, they're the best mothers to their kids. And for all the moms who do the best every day, happy Mother's Day.

Stephen Parr, reporting.



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