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Terrie Shafer

I would like to send a tribute to my mom, Terrie Shafer, from Rusk. She has 2 grown daughters and two young grand children, she works a full time job and now she has taken on a whole new project. We have always had children in our home to raise. Her and my father were foster parents for as many years as I can remember growing up. So now that her children are grown, she decided to adopt a few deployed soldiers and become their adoptive mom. So sometime last year she adopted 5 soldiers in Iraq. She rallied donations for money to send out packages for these strangers. She spent many hours a day writting to them, getting to know these people she might never meet. These strangers quickly became a part of our family. One of the soldiers called her on Christmas day just to tell her thank you for everything. She took money out of her own pocket to buy the requested items for these soldiers. A couple of the soldiers that she adopted have now gotten to come home, so she found a web site to get pen pals. She has around 250 soldiers that she has became a penpal mom for.

Entry submitted by: Brandi Shafer

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