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Pam Farmer

There's no question on whether my mother is the best--She exceeds any expectations of a mother. Raising three children completely on her own, sending them through college, and working 2-3 jobs proves her incredible strength and love for her children. Never complains, and works even more when a problem comes along that one of us needs her help. I, for instance, have Juvenile Diabetes, and was recently diagnosed with gastroporesis, making me very sick and depressed as well. During this time, my mother has been right by my side--every doctor/hospital visit, every ache, every second of every day. She is the only thing that has given me hope and strength. None of her own problems matter to her--it's always her children first. She deserves to be recognized for all of her love, guidance, care, and accomplishments. I only hope to be half the person she is. She is not only my mother, but also my hope, savior, and hero.

Entry submitted by: Lacy Farmer

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