Better East Texas: Stumbles on the campaign trail

Better East Texas: Stumbles on the campaign trail

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton continue to shoot themselves in the foot as much as they shoot each other. Both candidates have been challenged recently and both have failed.

In both cases, there was real opportunity to grab some positive publicity but neither took advantage of it, which sent an even larger alarming message. First of all, we have Secretary Clinton nearly passing out during a Sept. 11 memorial event. It turns out she had pneumonia which she did not think was a big deal.

It is and now her health condition is a huge question for both supporters and opponents. Donald Trump, has really not submitted anything more than a general memo about his health so there are some questions there, but Trump's big blunder that could be a positive is the fact that he hasn't turned over his tax returns.

He has offered it as a carrot for Clinton if she releases her health records but he is missing the point, it is tradition and eventually, he will have to turn them over. The longer that takes, the more ill will he will generate. A decision that seems to suggest he has some dirty laundry in his tax returns.

So, no matter the candidate, both have serious flaws, flaws, that can be avoided and flaws that are magnified by the candidates' actions. It is a sad barometer on how the presidential campaign has dissolved into more of a schoolyard brawl with neither candidate emerging as legitimate.

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