Better East Texas: Iranian ships

Better East Texas: Iranian ships

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - First it was the Russians, conducting close fly-bys of our navy. Perhaps you have seen the video of Russian jets buzzing American warships – taunting them fearlessly – while our navy stands by, hesitant to act. Now we have Iranian boats circling our warships in the Persian Gulf exhibiting obscene gestures.

One of the craft even circled and stopped right in front of our ship causing our crew to have to change course to prevent ramming the Iranian boat. These are tiny boats that could easily be destroyed by the U-S military but we have not engaged them. Both the Russian encounters, these Iranian encounters and even some name calling by the President of the Philippines are real barometers on how America is viewed by some in the international community.

You will remember that when President Bush was in his second term there was a general feeling of disdain from many neighbor countries because he was thought of as a gun slinger who acted too swiftly when dealing with other countries. Now, President Obama and the U.S. seem to be viewed in exactly the other way as these multiple adversaries seem to be daring us to react to taunts and dares.

To rebuild the reputation of the U-S as the strongest power in the world, we must act, the next time we encounter one of these probing missions by Iran, by Russia or any nation. We may not know how to respond with our military when a terrorist strikes but we do when one of these international thugs tries to bully us, and we need to act to restore respect for America throughout the world.

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