Better East Texas: Violence in Chicago

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - With the conclusion of the Labor Day weekend, the holiday was over but the conclusion also marked a very disturbing statistical threshold.  The city of Chicago logged it's five hundredth homicide of 20-15.  That's right, more than 500 deaths in Chicago in 20-15.  Now some of these deaths are by gun, some stabbing, others through any number of violent means but the unmistakable headline is that human life is not valued very high in Chicago when compared to other major cities in the U-S.  500 homicides is more than the much larger cities of New York and Los Angeles combined!  It is past time for the state government in Illinois and even the federal government to step in and create a system that shuts down the areas of the city that are prone to violence – stop the bleeding - and then it is up to these individual communities to map a solution.  The work of the government may or may not be done at that point but this solution is not based on a specific weapon or race or interaction with law enforcement, this is a matter of the heart.  The reduction and elimination of this violence will start and end with the family.   Only when reasonable value for human life – a priority taught in the home – is renewed will the violence trend towards a solution.  It is easy to put Chicago in a silo and look the other way, but if Chicago is not improved, record setting violence will spread and affect all parts of our country.  Finding a solution to the Chicago killing is not an option.