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Jeana Merle Barker

The mother of eight; two girls and six boys (2 sets of twins), no one but God will ever know how she single handily raised the eight of us on her own, without any spousal support! My mother epitomizes every sense of the word...mother! A God fearing woman. A ray of light and a gift of hope and encouragement to all who knew her. Her wisdom, her grace and her fight to finish the race; she gave us all a piece of herself to cherish forever. A 10 year cancer survivor and a devoted mentor; she spent her life encouraging others to become the Victor and not the Victim of cancer. Ms. Jeana Merle Barker, my mother and friend, fight with cancer came to rest on December 1, 2002. I wish the entire world could have known or come in contact with this Virtuous woman.

Entry submitted by: Gina Cofer

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