Breaking Records: Bishop Gorman sets 6 school records and a state record in one game

Breaking Records: Bishop Gorman sets 6 school records and a state record in one game

It was a typical Monday practice at McCallum Stadium, but the Bishop Gorman Crusaders are coming off an anything but typical Friday night win.

"You just don't even realize how big it was until much later when people are tweeting you from all over the country," said Jake Smith, sophomore quarterback.

"We kind of new that it was going to be a big game for us, because of how their defense played versus our offense. Once we got in the game it just kind of clicked and we scored a bunch," said Tyler Hobbs, wide receiver racked up 272 yards on 10 catches.

Just to be clear,  "a bunch" means a 91 to 71 victory over Ore City.

"Coach Gibson was hyped the entire time. He was just trying to get us ready and prepared because he knew it was going to be a pretty good battle Friday night. We came out and we gave it to them, they didn't expect us to come out there and put up a good fight. They thought they were going to breeze over us," said Ethan Milton, senior running back.

If 91 points doesn't impress you, consider this; in just four quarters the Crusaders offense managed to break six school records. They are now in the top 10 in the state of the Texas in most point scored in a single game, performance by a wide receiver, and passing yards by a quarterback. As a sophomore, Jake Smith threw 10 touchdown passes, which is a Lone Star state best.

"I honestly didn't even do that much. I just put it up there for my teammates to make plays and they made huge plays," said Smith.

"He plays for us, I play for him. Moving forward, I know that the team is going to be in good hands that next three years. Jake's going to compete, he takes pride in what he does and he is a winner," said Judah Bell, senior wide receiver and Navy commit.

"Last year I didn't play a lot, but I've been working hard. throwing routes with Jake and Judah all the time. Now we got our chance, and we all went off," said Hobbs.

"It's a pretty special moment, because I played with his older brother. We didn't go into that game looking for a record. We got into a shootout so we had to do what we had to do to help our team win," said Bell.

Not to be ignore, running back Ethan Milton rushed in 3 touchdowns, and Daniel Schmitt kicked his way into the starting position for the Cru's next matchup.

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