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Witnesses Recount Moments After Tyler Bank Robbery

The robbery at the Guaranty Bank in Tyler was over in just a matter of minutes.  Just after 11 o'clock Thursday morning a crew working on power lines right across from Guaranty Bank, noticed someone calmly walking away.

"They were just dressed really weird," said  John Mercer with TXU Electric Delivery, "and when the dye pack went off, that was a dead giveaway."

"It was just red dye, I mean it was just everywhere," said Crew Foreman Alfred Black. "You could see what was going on here."

The explosion of red dye is used by many banks to botch robberies. But this time, the robber just kept walking.

"The guys over here they were hollering, 'There he is, there he is,' " Alfred Black said.
That he was actually a she.

The robber is identified as Peggy Jo Tallas of Garland. Those who saw her said she never hurried or ran as she crossed Broadway to her get-away-vehicle, parked behind Jack-In -The-Box.

"I raised up in the bucket and watched the person go across Jack-In-The-Box parking lot and behind it," John Mercer said.

Tallas was followed in her Winnebego by several people including the crew foreman. Other crew members used their equipment to look out over the roadway and watch the getaway take place, with police soon on her tail. The crew made their call to 911 for help.

"When I got there, they had already gotten behind the motorcycle or the vehicle and they were drawed on it," Alfred said.

Minutes later, the FBI and Tyler Police Investigators talked to these same witnesses. Now the investigation turns from what happened, to why. A question that may never be answered.

No one inside the bank was injured. There were customers inside at the time of the robbery.

This was the second robbery at this particular Guaranty Bank since October. Tyler Police said it's the fourth bank robbery in the city over the past six months.

Maya Golden reporting, mgolden@kltv.com

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