From surviving to thriving

East Texans passionately showed support for the victims of 9/11 today as people all over the world stopped for a few moments out of respect.  Paul Rivera has a new report that gives you a chance to hear fellow East Texans talk about that day and how it's still shaping their lives.

Bob Hallmark has a new report that lets you share in the victory of survival.  He's reintroducing you to a young woman who, at 8 years old, suffered a tragedy many would not have recovered from emotionally but, Makenzie Wilgus used to spur her on to great service.  See her story tonight at 10.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto will have a new forecast for you tonight at 10.  He's tracking everything that could affect the weather where you live.  Watch and he'll let you know whether you need to prepare for a wet beginning of your week.