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Marsha Crist

I am nominating my mother, Marsha Crist, as the best mother. Almost 6 years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a radical mastectomy and months of chemotherapy. In spite of her sickness from the chemo, she was always there for me and husband, who months earlier was severely injured in a motorcycle accident. Her faith in God helped her as well as all our family to make it through the tough months. She never felt sorry for herself and never gave up that God would heal her. Well, a few months ago she was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer from the breast cancer. Again, she is going through chemotherapy. Once again, she is the one that helps lift our spirits during this difficult time. She just turned 60 in December, but she has more energy than I do. I love her so much and I feel she deserves to the The Best Mother.

Entry submitted by: Teresa Malone

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