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Tonia LaForge

I would like to nominate my mother, Tonia LaForge, for the contest. My mom is best because she cares what I do and she takes me places for fun that I don't deserve. She is always kind and caring to me, others, and everybody. She is always nice and does stuff I do not need her to do for me and buys me stuff to say she cares. She always makes sure I make good grades and helps me with everything I have-- and I don't even ask! She is best because she is "Mom". She will always be mom to me! She makes sure I stay out of trouble and looks out for me and doesn't let me do bad stuff. Go Mom! I love my mom and always will and she is also best because she is Family! Family is always best to me. She buys us food and stamps and stuff. My mom loves me and I love her! I hope my mom wins because she is my best person and my best part of my family! She is the one!

Entry submitted by: Andrew Day

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