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Downtown Longview buildings vandalized, police investigating

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Longview police are investigating after several downtown buildings were vandalized.

Thursday morning, officers discovered graffiti on multiple buildings along Tyler Street. It appears a person or group of people climbed to the roofs of several of the buildings and spray-painted the walls. More than a dozen defacements and graffiti images were visible.

The images include graphic drawings and some offensive language.

"From just random little pictures, to vulgar things painted on areas. Very offensive, especially to people working in that area," says Longview public information officer Kristie Brian.

Officials believe the incident happened overnight, between midnight Thursday and 4 a.m.

Thursday, workers from the upper floors of Tyler Street buildings looked out their windows to find the obscene images.

"It's disgusting. They don't understand the degrading, humiliating, and how much time and cost it's going to do to fix it," says area worker Becky Howell. 

Even an attorney’s office could not escape the vandalism.
"It really infuriates me because I try to project a nice image of this community, especially the downtown area; and when they do this vandalism, there’s nobody I want to see caught more than the terrible people that put these nasty emblems on our buildings," says attorney Ralph Pelaia.
"I'm a mother and I have a daughter, and if my daughter sees the graphic images that are on the rooftop right now, how do I explain that to a 10-year-old girl," Howell says.
It's believed vandals accessed the roof in the alleyway between Methvin and Tyler Street.
"They had to climb onto the roofs of some of these building to be able to reach some of the areas, and this isn't the first time this has happened downtown. Periodically this does happen," Brian says.
The incident has similarities to vandalism in the Spring Hill area in August. Obscene images were used in that one as well.
"We'll compare some to the graffiti that's been done before, see if there's any similarities," says Brain.
The damage done is more than just spray paint. 
"We're the ones picking up the messes that everybody leaves so disrespectfully behind," says Howell.

In addition to possible vandalism charges, the suspect or suspects could face more charges if police learn they are responsible for damaging electrical boxes in the area.

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