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Arkansas Mother Of 15 In Big Sandy

An Arkansas couple visiting East Texas is the subject of a Discovery Health Channel documentary for having 15 homeschooled children. Michelle Duggar had always wanted to be blessed with a big family, and they were blessed.

38-year-old Michelle and her husband Jim have 15 children, and all of them homeschooled, and they've been the subject of a Discovery Channel documentary. The site of the Arkansas family draws the usual questions from passers by.

"Probably we get all of the same questions asked to us, like are they all yours? or is this a day care?" Michelle says.

They're in Big Sandy this week for a home school conference. A Christian family, the Duggars decided when they were first married they wanted a lot of kids.

"We love children, they are a gift , they are precious," says Michelle.

Every meal is a production, and home schooling takes all grade levels.

"We have 10 boys and five girls, we've seen many benefits from home schooling one of the them the children becoming best friends," says Jim Duggar.

And Michelle is six months pregnant with her 16th child. But for this family, "more" means more to share love with. Jim Duggar works in real estate and says he's always been able to provide for his family.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.


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