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Sting Operation Targets City Park

A sting operation in Longview today targeted men asking for sexual favors at a local park. Undercover Longview police officers set up at Hensley Park, posing as homosexual men. The park is off Highway 259 just north of Hawkins Parkway.

Here's how the sting works: our cameraman, Lynn Mitchell, set up in a van with one of the officers. Several men pulled up in to the parking lot and just waited. Police believe they were waiting to be approached.

The officer would then approach them and talk, waiting to see if they would ask for sexual favors. If they did, the officer would then drive to the bathroom. In one case, the officer says the suspect exposed himself. He was arrested and ordered never to return to another city park.

In all, five suspects were arrested today in the sting. All of them will be arraigned on charges of lewd conduct tomorrow.

Amy Tatum, reporting.

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