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5/4/05-East Texas

Law Enforcement Share Stories Of Meth Busts

From Wood County to Rusk County, meth is a problem.

'We've made approximately 25 arrests and issued four narcotic search warrants," says Wood County Sheriff Dwaine Daugherty. He says those numbers are just from the last five months in Wood County.

According to law enforcement across East Texas, 50 percent of those busts almost always include children. The officers often find themselves where children are in danger and they have to be removed. They say it breaks their hearts.

"We did a lab that was in operation and people in the house, the wife or girlfriend, was nine months pregnant and had been there the whole time absorbing that through the skin," says Robert Cromley Chief Deputy in Wood County.

"I've seen children sleeping where lab is in operation and it so bad we would not go in and wait two hours for the toxic fumes to subside," says David Salazar with the Drug Task Force in Henderson.

The chemicals used to make meth are very dangerous. The officers take their lives in their own hands every time they search a lab. Once David Salazar says he was hurt in a bust where he found Hydrochloric acid.

"I went into lab and inhaled gas and it was painful and I had side effects for weeks," says Salazar.

The danger won't stop any of these officers from enforcing the law though, and doing everything they can to get meth out of East Texas.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting.


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