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Hundreds Buy Bracelets To Support Local Hero

They're bright blue and they send a message of "healing, love, and life renewed."

Those who wear the bracelet are doing it to show their support of a man many say saved their lives.

Sherman Dollison is the sheriff's deputy who was shot multiple times by a courthouse gunman on February 24.

"He is a blessing to me and to a lot of the individuals that I've talked to," Krystal Andries, who works for Judge Jack Skeen of the 241st District Court and bought a bracelet, said.

"Not only did I want to have one of the bracelets, but I wanted my sons each to have one of the bracelets to wear for Sherman," Judge Skeen said. "Because he's the type of man that certainly, I think, every father wants to see their sons grow up to be like."

An attorney from Beaumont, Robert Wortham, heard about the Smith County Courthouse shooting and decided he wanted to help. So he bought the bracelets from a national organization called Concerns Of Police Survivors (COPS).

He donated them to the Smith County Peace Officers Association, who is selling the bracelets for $5 each. For every one sold, $4 goes to Deputy Dollison, who's still at home recovering from his injuries. The remaining dollar goes to the Peace Officers scholarship fund.

A courthouse employee wanted to help sell the bracelets, so she picked up 30 of them on Friday.

"In about 30 minutes, I sold all of them. So I went back that afternoon and bought some more," Kristen Eargle, a legal assistant with the district attorney's office, said. "I've sold almost 90 in two days."

The bracelets benefit not only Deputy Dollison, but all peace officers injured in the line of duty.

If you want to buy a bracelet, you'd better hurry. They're going fast. You can get one through the Peace Officers Association by contacting the Smith County District Attorney or Fire Marshal's office.

Julie Tam, reporting.

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