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BTK Suspect Pleads "Not Guilty"

There was a dramatic scene in a Kansas courtroom today. The man accused of being the notorious serial killer called "BTK" was confronted by a prosecutor.

Dennis Rader heard details of one his alleged brutal killings. It was the beginning of a legal process authorities hope will end a killing spree that lasted decades. 60-year-old Dennis Rader walked into court and gave a nod to the relatives of the BTK killer's victims. He did not speak during the brief arraignment. Instead, the judge entered Rader's plea.

Rader faces 10 counts of first-degree murder for a string of alleged crimes dating between 1974 and 1991. In court, a prosecutor stood directly in front of Rader and formally-served him papers for the death of one of BTK's victims, 62-year-old Delores Davis.

The judge set a trial date of June 27th, though a delay of several months is expected because of the amount of evidence in the case. Prosecutors already have nearly 250 names on their witness list -- including police officers, members of the media, and relatives of the victims.

District Attorney Nola Foulston said, "I look forward to a trial of this case because it's important after 30 years for people to know and for people to understand. To be able to say it's over. It's over, and make a jury determination."

Rader was arrested in February after investigators linked him to letters BTK had sent to police and the media starting in 2004. Investigators say they have circumstantial and physical evidence connecting Rader to some of the BTK crime scenes.

The defense has yet to decide whether to seek a change of venue in this case, which has gripped the people of Wichita for decades.
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