Credit card skimmers on rise around U.S.

Released by the Tyler Police Department:

TYLER - Law Enforcement across the country has observed an increase of credit card abuse cases related to the skimming of credit cards, at gas pumps and ATM machines.

Suspects are placing skimmer devices inside of gas pumps that capture your credit card information.  The suspect will return for the skimmer device or use Bluetooth to download the credit card information that will allow them to duplicate your credit card.

When using your card to pay at the pump, be observant for the gas pump seal, (see attached) which should be in place around the outer door opening. Thieves normally target pumps that are on the outside isle of the station, shielded from the view of the clerk.

Suspects are also targeting outdoor ATM machines by placing skimmers on them as well.  The suspect will duplicate a cover that matches the cover you slide your card in and place it over the original card entry of the machine.  They also use a secondary small surveillance camera that allows them to capture you entering your pin number.  We encourage you to examine the machine and attempt to see if the card entry is loose or doesn't fit tight.  Also look for a secondary small camera that may be looking at the key pad.  If you observe any of these suspicious tampering devices call police immediately.

Area law enforcement agencies in and around Tyler has investigated these type of crimes.

We strongly encourage you to monitor your debit card and credit card information to detect if your card has been compromised.  If it has, contact your credit card company and your local law enforcement agency.