Better East Texas: Colin Kaepernick protest

Better East Texas: Colin Kaepernick protest

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - There has been a lot of press coverage and discussion on the actions of San Francisco Forty-Niners Quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

The 28-year-old quarterback made news when he refused to stand during the National Anthem as a sign of protest over what he describes as the mistreatment of blacks by police in America.

People across the U-S have weighed in and there is both support and disgust for Kaepernick's action. I saw a sports writer make a very interesting comparison between Kaepernick and U-S Olympian Sam Kendricks.

Kendricks gained some attention when, while running down the track preparing to pole vault, he dropped his gear and stood at attention as the American National Anthem had just started playing at another end of the stadium. It was a sign of huge personal respect for the country.

Now, contrast Kendrick's actions with Kaepernick's. While both are athletes, Kendricks is also serving his country as a second lieutenant in the U-S Army Reserves. Kendricks has much more skin in the game in being a patriotic American than Kaepernick has in just really being a protester, sitting on the sidelines instead of offering to help solve the problem.

I will give it to Kaepernick, there have absolutely been abuses by law enforcement in some communities but where there have been solutions or at least work towards a solution, it has taken appropriate action and not just protesting.  If Colin Kaepernick is going to affect change, he needs to take action and be part of the solution and that will make for a better America and a Better East Texas.

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