Better East Texas: Watchdog Wikileaks must return to protecting privacy

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - You have probably heard about the website Wikipedia where just about anyone can contribute content on a particular subject or person and the post becomes part of the online encyclopedia.

The problem is just that – that anyone can edit and contribute which can blur the truth. Well in past several years, a similar service known as WikiLeaks has emerged as a sort of self-appointed guardian against big government and whose stated mission is to bring censored or restricted material "involving war, spying and corruption" into the public eye.

This is the same source that spilled emails from the Democratic National Committee that resulted in the resignation of the head of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. WikiLeaks has become a force but it is also becoming very destructive to innocent individuals.

Recently, hundreds of people had their very personal financial, medical, legal and other private information released by WikiLeaks. The organization has offered no legitimate reason for released the unredacted information but it is catching heavy criticism. Personal information including names of rape victims, identity details and other content have been released by the watchdog group and it appears it is more out of sloppiness than anything.

Watchdog groups have always had a role in society and they have taken various forms through history but they have had one thing in common and that is to protect those that are innocent. WikiLeaks has ignored that need and they must return to protecting privacy or pack up their own leaky tent.

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