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Pittsburg Bible Reading For Five Days

This week a group in Pittsburg is celebrating faith and their different denominations, by a continuous reading of the bible. For five consecutive days, the words of the bible will be read aloud from cover to cover at the bell tower in downtown Pittsburg, in a dozen different languages.

"We read in the scriptures of this life as being transient, and that its really a learning ground for a greater life , and that's our goal" says Hebrew reader Roeben Schalom.

"This is a free country and we can read the bible at home or in public like this, and this is wonderful" said Japanese reader Motoko Bass.

In a show of togetherness, every segment of the community is included, all ages , all cultures, all languages.

"All can be one instead of you're in one religion I'm in another, just be all united its great, great day" says Spanish reader Melba Zambrano.

For many it was proof that faith has no boundaries, making us more alike than different. The reading will come to a conclusion at noon at the "bell tower" in downtown pittsburg on Thursday, which is the "national day of prayer".

Bob Hallmark reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com


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