10 Quick, delicious dinner ideas to enjoy right now

10 Quick, delicious dinner ideas to enjoy right now

(KLTV/KTRE) - Fall means back-to-school (and back to drop-off lines, back to after school sports or band practices, back to trying to answer the age-old question, "what's for dinner?"), back to cool weather, back to busy weekends full of football, festivals and other fun. Who has time to cook? You do!

In an attempt to keep you from depending on greasy drive through food, here's a list of dinner ideas that can be made quickly in your own kitchen. 

1. Pepperoni pizza-stuffed zucchini boats - Mama Steph made this sneakily delicious meal that will help get more vegetables into your family! Super easy and quick to assemble, as well. 

2, Chicken-fajita pasta salad - The delicious flavors of chicken fajitas come together in a summer salad that you can enjoy anytime.

3. Easy ravioli casserole - A kid-friendly recipe that takes advantage of some pre-prepared foods (like frozen ravioli) to get dinner on the table in a hurry. It's deliciously cheesy!

4. One-pan Italian lemon chicken thighs and rice -  This is a simple dish that is quick for you to prepare on busy nights, but it's delicious enough to serve to guests, too. Fresh lemon and Italian herbs cook with the chicken and rice, and it's ready in 25 minutes, in only one pan on your stovetop!

5. One-pan stovetop chicken Parmesan - This lightened-up one-pan dinner can be served over pasta, rice, or if eating low-carb, served over zucchini "noodles" which have been steamed, or sautéed in just a touch of olive oil coconut oil. Easy, good for you, and delicious, too.

6. Korean beef and rice stir-fry - a quick, economical and easy stir-fry meal you will want to keep on hand. It uses lean ground beef, but ground chicken or turkey could be substituted. 

7. Eat your veggies bacon-bowtie pasta - If you have trouble getting someone in your house to eat their veggies, try putting them in a creamy, bacon-y pasta meal. It's so delicious that they're sure to let a few vegetables slip in! 

8. Chicken-taco French bread pizzas -  Ok, this one is not even pretending to be healthy, but if you're craving pizza and need a super-fast meal, you'll love it!

9. One-pan pepperoni pizza-pasta bake - This recipe is easy to customize with your family's favorite pizza toppings, and it's ready in 15 minutes! No boiling pasta separate, either. It's all done in one pan.

10. 20-minute stovetop lasagna - This simple recipe is from a great food blog called I Sing in the Kitchen, and as soon as I saw it, I knew that this was our kind of recipe! I only made minor changes, for instance, the addition of fennel seed; it's a must-have for me. 

There you have it; ten recipes that may just save your night this school year!

There are hundreds more recipes like this on our food app, East Texas Kitchen, and if you haven't downloaded it on your phone or tablet yet, click this link to learn how to download the free goodness! 

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