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4/29/05-Lake Tyler

HGTV Dream Home Winners In East Texas

"Whoa! Wow!," says the Cruz Family of Batavia, Illinois in disbelief when they first step inside the HGTV Dream Home. Donald and Shelly Cruz and their 9-year-old son Donny finally see their dream home in person, nearly two months after they were announced the winner. "We've always wanted the cathedral ceilings in the house, to be on the water, to have a nice big kitchen, a lot of storage which is what my wife always wanted," says Donald Cruz sitting in his master bedroom. "We always wanted the swimming pool, the hot tub but a lot more downsized so it could be in our price range. But this is just better than anything we could have dreamed for!" The Cruz's touched and looked at every detail of their home. They say it's a big difference from their 700 square foot house in Illinois. "I love the massive TV!," says Donald. "They just told me it's a 50 inch TV! It's just massive I love it!!" His wife Shelly adds, "The fireplace. I love the stone fireplace. It's overwhelming but beautiful and big and grand!" And since this dream home is fit for a king, it will probably do for their 9-year-old son. "What do you think about your new house?," asks KLTV 7 Reporter Christine Nelson. "Great!," screams Donny, Jr. with his hands up in the air. "It was so huge! I'm like, 'Ok I'm gonad win that.' I don't care if I'm not I'm just gonna say I am!," says Donny, Jr. And little Donny was right! So the next time you want to pay a visit to the dream home, you better ring the doorbell first! "So technically I'm standing in your house right now?," asks Christine. "Yes! And you're welcome to stand," says Donald laughing. "Oh yes, we're moving in! We are not selling the house, we're definitely moving in the house."

Christine Nelson reporting.

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