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Trashing East Texas: Red Hill Community

  Up close or from afar it's a big mess. "My mother sold gravel years ago and it was a big hole," says Lois Fuller describing her backyard. Now that big hole has become an even bigger pile of debris, old garbage and strewn furniture. "[The trash] got worse and worse. Some days it would be on that side. Some days it would be on that side," says Fuller pointing.

  "It looks like a dump! A d-u-m-p," says Rita Noble who lives nearby. Noble is president of a community organization in Red Hill and says she gets complaints about the trash all the time. "It doesn't seem like they have any respect for me, the neighbor or for themselves because it's that way." So we posed the question, how on earth did Fuller's backyard get this way? She says a side road leading up to her trailer is how random people gain access to her property. Fuller says they are the ones who are ignoring her "no trespassing" signs, which over the years resulted in the large mound of trash in her backyard. "Like I said it's not all mine. I just came in one day and it was here. When I'm not here people just illegally dump," says Fuller.

  While Fuller feared our "Trashing East Texas" radar would zero in on her backyard, it's likely our arrival will bag this mess for good. "I said we better start getting it cleaned up or burnt up you know, so you know we won't see people like y'all," says Fuller.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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